Homocon Riot Suspect Took $33,000 In Bailout Money

The Daily Beast reports:

Before Brandon Straka was storming the Capitol on Jan. 6, he was a hair-dressing, #WalkAway-tweeting MAGA influencer—taking in tens of thousands of dollars in government pandemic money.

According to The Daily Beast’s review of records from the Project On Government Oversight’s Covid Tracker, Straka is one of at least nine individuals facing charges stemming from the Capitol riots who received special coronavirus funds through small business loan programs over the last year.

In Straka’s case, he personally received $20,800 in PPP funds and got an additional $12,354 in PPP money for the WalkAway Foundation.

Read the full article. Straka has repeatedly claimed to have been an ardent Democrat before he was “red-pilled” by MAGA idiocy. But as Gay City News revealed in 2019, he never donated to any Democrat and only voted once in a Democratic primary.

Straka faces multiple charges in the Capitol riot and at last report was ordered to remain at his mommy’s home in Nebraska until his hearing. At this writing, a crowdfunding campaign for his legal defense has raised over $178,000.