Hate Group Condemns Lending Protections For LGBTs

The Christian Post reports:

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is the latest federal agency to announce its plans to enforce discrimination protections for LGBT individuals, citing a 2020 Supreme Court ruling that a leading conservative organization warns could have future implications for people of faith. Last week’s interpretive rule asserts that the Equal Credit Opportunity Act prohibits banks or lenders from prohibiting credit or lending services based solely on LGBT status or gender identification.

“President Biden’s executive order on Bostock issued shortly after he took office only added fuel to the fire for actions like the CFPB’s, which are the natural consequence of activist bureaucrats who think their job is to make the law instead of follow the law,” Travis Weber wrote. “As FRC noted at the time, Biden’s order will likely have significant, negative ramifications for people of faith. We can likely expect much more of this from the Biden administration over the next four years.”

Read the full article. Travis Weber is the FRC’s vice president for policy and government affairs.