Fox Quack Blames Lockdown For Low Sperm Counts

“Lockdown libido occurs when everybody is shut down for too long. You know what they do? They gain weight. They get obese. You know what obesity does? Drives down testosterone and sperm counts.

“You drink more alcohol. You know what alcohol does? It makes estrogen out of testosterone, your sperm counts drop. Smoking cigarettes, which everyone is doing more and more. Smoking cigarettes drives down sperm counts. Vaping.”

“And probably the biggest culprit of all, according to reproductive specialists I spoke to tonight, smoking marijuana. Drives down sperm count.

“So you’re at home, you’re not even looking at your your loved one because despair, the depression has replaced romance. There’s gonna be no baby bump coming out of this pandemic.” – Tucker Carlson guest Marc Siegel.

Siegel last appeared on JMG when he accused Joe Biden of taking “speed” in order to debate Trump.