Fox Host Blames Victims Of Sexual Harassment: Why Don’t They Just Slap Men In The Face As It Happens?

“This is what politicians do, they live in a world where they work a room. You go in there, you backslap, you handshake, you hug, you kiss and people come up to them, and they do the same thing to them, their fans. They say I love you, governor, you’re the best.

“So, you get this familiarity with this closeness and this warmth by the way you interact as a politician with crowds.

“But slimeballs like Cuomo, or Franken or even Joe Biden, who has been accused of doing the same thing, they take advantage of access to these types of people — fans, or colleagues.

“So I would suggest that women, and I’ve gotten in trouble for saying this before, you slap the man in the face.

“And you do it immediately, because if you wait too long, then the politician feels like he can keep doing this, and it doesn’t matter if it comes out a year or three years later. Do it immediately, when he’s fresh.” – Fox host Jesse Watters.