Fox Finance Guru Fires Employees For Premarital Sex

The Tennessean reports:

Former administrative assistant Caitlin O’Connor, who was employed by Ramsey Solutions for over four years and never disciplined, said when she announced she was pregnant in June and requested paperwork for maternity leave, she was terminated for her pregnancy since she isn’t legally married to her longtime partner, the baby’s father.

Lawyers for Ramsey Solutions, owned by Dave Ramsey — a conservative financial titan who made headlines when he hosted a giant Christmas party during the pandemic and refused to let his employees work from home — said O’Connor wasn’t fired because she was pregnant. She was terminated for having premarital sex.

Read the full article. According to the company’s own records, at least 12 other employees were fired for having premarital sex. Ramsey is the former host of a Fox Business show and still appears there regularly.

He last appeared on JMG when he declared that if a $600 stimulus check was likely to change your life, your life was already fucked up to begin with.

Ramsey has also made news for pulling a gun during a company meeting. It’s all what Jesus would want.