FL Dems Demand New Election Over Shill Candidate

The Tampa Bay Times reports:

Florida Democrats on Friday called for Republican Sen. Ileana Garcia’s resignation and for a special election to be held in Miami-Dade Senate District 37, a day after state prosecutors accused a Miami GOP operative of planting a no-party candidate to sway the outcome of the race in November.

Garcia’s 2020 victory strengthened Senate Republicans’ decades-long control of the Florida Senate.

But Democrats are calling into question the integrity of the election after a 25-page arrest affidavit laid bare an alleged scheme by former Republican state Sen. Frank Artiles that involved him paying an auto-parts dealer more than $40,000 to run and influence the race.

Read the full article. Garcia, who is the founder of Latinas For Trump, is not presently alleged to have been aware of the scheme.