DeSantis: Chatter About 2024 WH Run Is “Premature”

Florida Politics reports:

Florida’s Governor started out his week on familiar turf: a friendly interview with Fox and Friends on the Fox News Channel. Gov. Ron DeSantis revisited an increasingly familiar topic:  a post-pandemic political future that could include a run for President of the United States.

The Governor did not rule out a presidential bid in 2024, in what was a heavily edited interview with the Fox News mainstay, though semantics offered a hint to DeSantis’ long-range thoughts.

When asked if he, like former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, was willing to declare an interest in a White House run, DeSantis told Kilmeade that he “wouldn’t say that” because it was “so premature to even have the discussion.”

Read the full article. DeSantis won CPAC’s presidential straw poll but only the version which excluded Trump.