DeSantis Assembles COVID Quacks To Praise Him

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports:

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis assembled a group of scientists who backed his COVID policies at a Thursday roundtable, where they assured him he was taking the right steps on the disease. The group included Dr. Scott Atlas, the Stanford radiologist whose skepticism on the value of masks and optimistic forecasts on the pandemic won him a job as COVID adviser to President Trump. “There’s no evidence that a mask mandate has worked,” he said.

DeSantis has been criticized for cherry-picking experts who would back his views and sidelining Florida’s mainstream scientists. A few hours after the roundtable, the governor’s office issued a news release with the headline, “Renowned Doctors and Epidemiologists Praise Florida’s COVID-19 Approach During Public Health Roundtable.” Their statements conflicted with the views of most infectious disease specialists.

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