Dem Colorado Gov. Jared Polis Gets Engaged [VIDEO]

The Colorado Sun reports:

First Gentleman Marlon Reis was feeling crummy the day it happened. His condition was deteriorating after battling a coronavirus infection for more than a week. His oxygen saturation levels had dropped to a concerning level. A doctor told him it was time to go to the hospital.

“I was getting my things ready. My daughter was crying in the corner — she didn’t want me to go,” said Reis, 39, who recounted the proposal to The Colorado Sun during an interview Wednesday afternoon

Polis was urging Reis to hurry up, but reassuring him that he’d be OK. “That irked me even more,” Reis said. The chaos came to an abrupt stop when Polis got down on one knee and asked Reis, his partner of 17 years, to marry him.

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