Dan Crenshaw: Biden Has “Low Cognitive Capacity”

“The guy with low cognitive capacity is calling everybody else Neanderthals. First of all, that’s rich. I also find it rich that he’s doing his sanctimonious pearl clutching over a bunch of Texans who by the way can still wear masks.

“I mean, you know, by the reactions of the liberals on this one, you would think that Texas outlawed masks and is now arresting people who even wear a mask. Of course, that’s not true. Most people will still be wearing them.

“But the truth is, if you’re vaccinated, or if you already had it, maybe you don’t want to wear a mask, and you certainly don’t need to. There’s no signs and reason to wear one.

“I do remember the time when the guidance was if you can’t socially distance, wear a mask. Of course, that changed rather quickly. And but here’s the thing.

“They’re very sanctimonious over that, but Biden has no problem letting illegal immigrants over the border in droves, many of which have COVID, and then they give them a bus ticket to wherever they want in the United States.

“So the double standard is pretty infuriating here.” – GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw, speaking to Hugh Hewitt, who warns him to expect “incoming” over the comment.