Cultist Network Newsmax Seeing Ratings Collapse

The Daily Beast reports:

For Newsmax, it looks like midnight is approaching, and the upstart TV channel is in danger of turning back into a pumpkin. The pro-Trump cable news network—which barely registered in Nielsen ratings for the first six years after its chief executive and majority owner, Chris Ruddy, launched it in May 2014—prompted massive media attention for seemingly taking Fox News head-on in the aftermath of last year’s presidential election.

Perhaps more than a Cinderella story, it was a wingnut media version of David versus Goliath. But now, a mere four months after the supposed slingshot to Fox News’ forehead, reality has intruded, and Newsmax finds itself smack-dab in the middle of a ratings collapse. Despite his recent history of providing quotes touting Newsmax and slagging off Fox, the usually voluble Ruddy declined to comment for this story.

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