Chinese Cult Outfit Launches Social Media Platforms

The New York Times reports:

Youmaker, a little-known video site, prominently featured a video alleging that a far-left extremist movement was plotting to destroy America. On Sagebook, a Twitter-like social network filled with posts from right-leaning users, a sidebar of trending topics contained the hashtags for “Stop the Steal,” “Censorship” and “Facebook.”

And Right on Times, an obscure right-wing news aggregator, recently promoted favorable articles about Republican officials who refused to recognize Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s victory in the 2020 election.

All three are among about a dozen websites spreading misleading information with ties to the Epoch Media Group, a news organization that has become a top purveyor of conspiracy theories and political misinformation.

Read the full article. As previously reported, Epoch Media is affiliated with the anti-LGBT Chinese cult Falun Gong, which also runs the touring acrobatics show, Shen Yun. If you follow prominent far-right figures and Trump cultists on Twitter, you’ve probably seen that they frequently link to Epoch Times articles. According to the above-linked article, their traffic is now surpassing Breitbart and the Daily Caller.