CHATTER AWAY: Overnight Open Thread

Rolling Stone reports:

The inspiration for Brooke Eden’s new song “Sunroof” actually came to her in a perfectly unlikely place: the parking lot of a Mexican restaurant. While she waited for her girlfriend to pick up their takeout order, Eden felt the sun beaming in through the windows and cracked the sunroof for the first time all year.

“It was just the promise of spring and summer again after a really cold winter that year. I thought this feeling — this free feeling — reminds me of what it felt like to fall in love,” Eden tells Rolling Stone on a Zoom call in early March.

The Washington Post reports:

During the first week of her radio tour, Eden met Hilary Hoover, who worked as a promotions director at the time for her record label. The two started dating, and soon Eden was happier than she had ever been. But when she came out to several people in the industry — and specifically to some who worked on her team — she was met with a warning. “If you want to keep your career,” they told her, “you need to keep this quiet.”

And she did. Eden was a rising artist well aware that among a certain set in Nashville, female country singers are expected to date male country singers, and are advised against potentially upsetting conservative fans in general. So she kept her relationship with Hoover under wraps. That is until last year, when Eden realized she was exhausted by essentially living a double life. And she was done staying quiet.