Bongino Fights Attorney Fees In Loss To Daily Beast

Law & Crime reports:

The Daily Beast’s lawyers were merciless in a response to Dan Bongino‘s recent objection to a federal court’s award of attorney’s fees in his failed defamation case against the online publication. In particular, The Daily Beast ridiculed Bongino for not understanding that his “voluntary dismissal” amounted to a loss of the case.

Bongino lost spectacularly in court. Not only was his defamation case dismissed as being “without merit” and for violating Florida’s anti-SLAPP law, but the Florida federal judge ordered him to pay more than $30,000 in attorneys’ fees to The Daily Beast.

Unlike many cases, the fee award in this case was a mandatory consequence of the court finding Bongino had violated the anti-SLAPP statute.

Read the full hilarious article. Bongino is being represented by…Devin Nunes’s lawyer, who is apparently claiming that Bongino actually won. How very Trumpian.