Bannon Loses Court Battle To Open Outpost In Italy

Reuters reports:

Steve Bannon, the former adviser to ex-U.S. President Donald Trump, has lost a legal battle to set up a right-wing Catholic political academy in an abbey in Italy. The Council of State on Monday ruled against the Dignitatis Humanae Institute (DHI), backed by Bannon, which wanted to start the school in an 800-year-old monastery south of Rome.

Over the years the project lost support of key Roman Catholic conservatives, including American Cardinal Raymond Burke, who for years strongly backed Bannon and was a honorary president of the institute. Burke yanked his support after Bannon said he wanted to make a film from a book alleging homosexuality in Vatican.

Read the full article. As you may recall, Cardinal Burke has appeared on JMG many times for attacks on LGBT rights. Bannon says he’ll appeal the ruling.