Anti-LGBT Activist Begs Christian Adoption Agency To Reverse On LGBT Parents: “You Scorn God’s Wisdom”

Michael Brown writes for Charisma News:

To the leadership of Bethany Christian Services, I make this heartfelt appeal as a fellow disciple of Jesus who also cares about the wellbeing of needy children. Please reconsider your decision to provide services for gay and lesbian couples wanting to adopt.

Please ask yourselves again: Is this decision truly honoring to the Lord in whose name you work? Is it truly in the best interest of the children whose lives you seek to better?

Serving children should not be controversial. We all agree on that. But it is controversial to scorn the wisdom of God, to willfully deprive children, who have no choice in the matter, of either a father or mother, and to place them in a household that violates Christian standards, no matter how loving it may be.

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