Anti-Abortion QAnon Rep Opposes Vax Because Govt Has No Right To Tell Her What To Do With Her Body

“It should be a choice. It’s freedom. Having these two classes of citizens. Basically the ones who have taken the vaccine and then the supposed bad people that haven’t taken the vaccine. I would be among that classification of citizens.

“Myself, probably you, and many others, we feel healthy enough to trust our own immune systems to survive COVID. I think my odds are pretty good and I’m willing to take that gamble.

“And the government has no right to tell me or anyone else that I’m required to have the vaccine to fly on an airplane, to go in restaurants, to buy and sell in the marketplace, for my children to attend school, or any other freedom and right that we have.

“The government need to get out of our business and allow us to be completely open and make decisions for ourself with our health.” – QAnon Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, appearing on Newsmax.