Another Alleged Rioter Ratted Out By Family Member

The Charlotte Observer reports:

Les Little was texting with a family relative on Jan. 6 when he shared a secret: “We just took over the Capitol,” the Catawba County man wrote from inside the building, according to court documents unsealed Thursday.

“And you are bragging?” the relative fired back in a fusillade of exclamation points and capital letters. “’We’? THIS IS TREASON!!! IF YOU DON’T CONDEMN THIS, NEVER BOTHER SPEAKING TO ME AGAIN! HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE PEOPLE. IT’S A COUP! YOU OBVIOUSLY HATE AMERICA!!!”

In fact, the relative took it a step further and turned Little in. Now the 64-year-old Claremont resident has a date with a judge in Washington, where he has been charged with four crimes.

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