Accused Rioter: Take Off My Monitor, I’m A Christian

The Daily Beast reports:

A right-wing video blogger accused of calling a cop a “fucking oath breaker” and “piece of shit” while he stormed the Capitol in January wants a federal judge to remove his court-mandated GPS monitor—insisting he loves law enforcement and has led an “exemplary life” with a “Christian upbringing.”

Anthime Joseph Gionet, the far-right activist better known as “Baked Alaska,” was charged in January with violent entry and disorderly conduct after he allegedly livestreamed himself attacking the Capitol.

Prosecutors state that during the livestream, Gionet said “1776 baby” and insisted he’s not “leaving this bitch” before accusing a police officer of shoving him.

Read the full article. As I’ve previously reported, Gionet is among the most notorious of the accused rioters. He first gained social media fame for a widely-copied stunt in which he “forced” Starbucks employees to call out Trump’s name.