71 Congress Members Got COVID, Majority Were GOP

Roll Call reports:

At least 71 lawmakers had COVID-19 at some point in 2020 or 2021, based on public statements they made about testing or being presumed positive for the virus or testing positive for antibodies, according to a GovTrack database.

Of the aforementioned 71 lawmakers who had COVID-19, two-thirds are Republicans. Eight GOP senators and 39 House Republicans had the virus, compared to two senators and 21 House members among Democrats.

Many of the January cases are suspected to have stemmed from the Capitol insurrection that month, when lawmakers packed together in secure locations as police fought off the rioters.

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The actual number could be higher as dozens of reps quarantined after exposure but did not subsequently report having tested negative.

Also not included in the tally is GOP Rep-elect Luke Letlow, who died of COVID before taking office. The only sitting member of Congress to die of COVID was GOP Rep. Ron Wright. The widows of both Letlow and Wright are seeking their late husbands’ seats.

Four members of Congress who tested positive, including now former Sen. Kelly Loeffler, did not win reelection. Another four who tested positive are doctors.