YouTube Yanks Mike Lindell’s “Election Fraud” Movie

Mediaite reports:

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell breathlessly predicted that if his election fraud “documentary,” Absolute Proof, failed to persuade Americans of his baseless claims of election fraud, we would soon be headed for the apocalypse. It’s a good thing it seems that Lindell is not psychic, because so far his “documentary” is a flop.

YouTube removed it, fact-checkers are having a field day mocking the “documentary’s” lack of proof, OAN aired the “documentary” but slapped a harshly worded disclaimer on it first, and the lawyers for the voting technology companies he accuses of conspiring to commit election fraud are watching the whole thing unfold.

Vice News reports:

YouTube deleted the video on Friday after VICE News flagged the content. A spokesperson for the company said the video “violated our presidential election integrity policy.” The video had been viewed tens of thousands of times before YouTube took it down.

On Thursday, Dominion sent a letter to YouTube asking that it “preserve and retain” videos posted on its platform about the election by a variety of figures and networks which pushed the conspiracy. Including Lindell.

Law & Crime reports:

Thomas Clare represents Dominion in a series of lawsuits against high-profile Trump adherents, attorneys and others who promoted those false conspiracy theories. “‘Nice try’ by OAN, but it [the disclaimer] definitely does not relieve them of liability,” Clare told Law&Crime.

The attorney went on to claim that OAN was alone in their decision to air Lindell’s program – before citing a term of art specific to defamation law. “Other outlets have refused to host it,” Clare said. “Textbook actual malice.”