Twitter Bans Homocon Fake News Site Gateway Pundit

The Hill reports:

Twitter on Saturday issued a permanent suspension for the account run by Jim Hoft, founder and editor-in-chief of far-right news website Gateway Pundit, for violations of its “civic integrity policy.”

A Twitter spokesperson confirmed the news to The Hill, citing “repeated violations” of its policy that bars users from tweeting messages “for the purpose of manipulating or interfering in elections or other civic processes,” including misinformation regarding the outcome of an election.

The policy includes a series of punishments depending on the frequency of violations, with five or more strikes resulting in a permanent suspension.

From a very related new study:

The combination of political divisiveness and the COVID-19 pandemic led to fake news running rampant on social media in 2020. That’s not really news; but you might be surprised at how fake news was shared.

According to The German Marshall Fund of the United States, verified Twitter users shared a significant percentage of deceptive website news by the end of the year.

At the top of the chart is the Gateway Pundit, which received more shares from verified Twitter users at the end of the year than The Washington Post. Breitbart received an equal amount of interactions, and Fox News, Just the News, and the Epoch Times ranked higher than NBC News.