Tuberville Issues Laughable Dodge On QAnon Rep

CNN reports:

It’s a massive story — and one that affects the future of every single Republican elected official in the country. So, what does Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville make of all of the MTG mishigas? “I haven’t looked at what all she’s done,” the freshman senator told CNN’s Ted Barrett on Tuesday.

“I’d have to hold back a statement on that…[I’ve] been traveling. This weather’s been a little rough. [Didn’t] look at any news or whatever.”

Uh, WHAT? The weather didn’t allow a United States senator to know about the Marjorie Taylor Greene story? Yes, there was snow in DC this week. And surely, that likely complicated Tuberville’s travel plans. But here’s what it didn’t do: Make it so that cable TV, the internet and phones stopped working.