Trump Trial Lawyer Roasts Other Trump Trial Lawyer

From an interview with Jewish Insider:

Trump’s legal defense got off to a rocky start on Tuesday with a speech by Castor that was maligned by many, including a number of the former president’s closest allies. That speech was a “spur of the moment decision,” Schoen explained — Schoen himself was originally scheduled to deliver the opening argument.

“The House put on a pretty good presentation. [Castor] seemed to think he was the best lawyer on the team, or something. So he stood up and said, ‘I think I better jump in here,’” Schoen recounted. “He jumped in and obviously it was like a filibuster. It was not a good presentation.”

“I thought, ‘This guy’s career is going to disappear. I don’t know how he’s going to get up in the morning,’” Schoen added. “He still thought he did a good job.”

Read the full article. At the very end of the interview, Schoen declines to say if Trump has paid him yet.