Tony Perkins: The Pentagon’s Move To Weed Out White Supremacists Is Really Meant To “Push Out Christians”

Via email from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

A memo from President Biden’s Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin directs commanders to conduct a “Stand-Down to Address Extremism in the Ranks.” The goal, ostensibly, is to flush out people with extremist views from our nation’s military. But the memo never defines “extremist or dissident ideologies.”

The order relies upon the theory that the ranks of our military are filled with white supremacists based on the Capitol riot on January 6. In a stunning act of cynical political theater, Democrats have turned the Capitol into Fort Pelosi due to baseless claims of an ongoing right-wing threat of violence.

The military does a good job weeding out those associated with the KKK or other white supremacist groups. The only thing this order accomplishes is to open the door to hazy definitions of a broader, and more sinister, interpretation — targeting social conservatives.

The Supreme Court has twisted the meaning of “civil rights” to include abortion, same-sex marriage, and transgender ideology. This means that a servicemember who attends a pro-life event could be hauled before a court martial as an extremist.

Once again, it looks like Democrats are set on overplaying their hand. The most effective recourse for those who are concerned the military will push out conservatives and Christians is to vote.

Never forget that Tony Perkins was once sanctioned by the FEC for buying former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke’s mailing list for over $80,000 and then lying about it. Or that he once keynoted the meeting of a white supremacist group that calls black people “a retrograde species of humanity.” Or that he endorsed Trump’s racist birther claims.