Tony Perkins: Christians Should Join Gab Because “God Never Intended For Us To Voluntarily Silence Ourselves”

Via email from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

He was canceled before the cancel culture. And looking back, maybe that was a blessing. Andrew Torba had a three-year head start to build his mob-proof business.

Now, Gab is one of the only free speech havens still standing, giving tens of millions of oppressed Americans a social media platform to call home.

“When I first started this,” he explained on “Washington Watch,” “the goal was just to build an alternative social network. But really what we’ve become is an alternative to Silicon Valley.”

And not a moment too soon. With companies like Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, and Google banning users, dropping accounts, and slapping warning labels on proven facts, Americans needed a place to speak truth without fear. This Christian entrepreneur gave them one.

We’re called to stand for truth and proclaim it. God never intended for us to voluntarily silence ourselves. Andrew, by refusing to give up or surrender, has given Christians a platform that’s virtually cancel-proof. And that’s not — he’s quick to tell you — by his own power.

“All the glory goes to God. I’m just a vessel. I don’t want anyone to remember my name. I want them to remember what Christ did for me, because He saved me. He saved Gab. The only reason I’m online right now is because God has blessed us and humbled me and helped our team persevere through the persecution that we faced over the past five years.”

So join FRC in supporting Andrew and giving free speech a platform. Go to and sign up.

The CEO of Gab went viral this week when he published a 2004 meme suggesting that red states form a new country called “Jesusland.” He was apparently unaware that the meme was intended to mock fundamentalists like himself.