Tony Perkins Blames “Green Energy” For Texas Blackout

Via email from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

It turns out green energy performs poorly in white-out conditions. This should come as no surprise. National Review’s John Fund pointed out that winter storms freeze wind turbines, and snow blankets disable solar panels.

The Center for the American Experiment calculated that, during freezing conditions, wind turbines are a net loss of power because even when they are unable to produce power, they have to consume it to run electric heaters to keep the oil in their housing from freezing.

The lesson here is that green energy production is least available when it is needed most.

While Americans slowly freeze in their homes, President Biden in his first month in office has already aggressively restricted the fossil fuels that could keep them warm. He has revoked the Keystone Pipeline permit, restricted drilling offshore and in Alaska, and closed public lands to fracking.

All this is done with an eye towards expanding green energy production. In fact, White House climate czar John Kerry inanely suggested pipeline workers who lost their jobs could make solar panels. But when energy matters most, renewables just can’t cut it.

Americans will be forced to rely on foreign dictators to export the oil that will heat their homes. This is simply unacceptable. There is little chance that Americans will warm up to President Biden’s environmental policies.