Schumer Unveils Rules For Trump’s Senate Trial

Spectrum News reports:

Speaking on the floor of the Senate on Monday, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) announced that a deal has been reached with the Republican minority and House Impeachment Managers on the rules for the second impeachment trial of former president Donald Trump.

On Tuesday, there will be another debate on the constitutionality of the trial — not unlike the vote held at the end of January at the behest of Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul – followed by a simple majority vote on that question.

Beginning Wednesday, Feb. 10, there will be up to 16 hours of debate per side for both the Impeachment Managers and the former president’s defense. Following the Senator question period, there will also be a debate and vote on whether or not to call witnesses in the trial, at the request of the Impeachment Managers.

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