REPORT: Ex-Overstock CEO Told Trump He Paid Hillary Clinton An $18 Million Bribe In An “FBI Sting Operation”

Jumping into the middle of an utterly bonkers report:

Flynn was furious. “Don’t mention my case,” he roared. Herschmann responded, “Where do you think Sidney got this information? Where do you think it came from? From the exact same people in the Department of Justice that you’re now saying are corrupt.” (Ex-Overstock CEO Patrick] Byrne, wearing jeans, a hoodie and a neck gaiter, piped up with his own conspiracy: “I know how this works. I bribed Hillary Clinton $18 million on behalf of the FBI for a sting operation.”

Herschmann stared at the eccentric millionaire. “What the hell are you talking about? Why would you say something like that?” Byrne brought up the bizarre Clinton bribery claim several more times during the meeting to the astonishment of White House lawyers. Trump, for his part, also seemed perplexed by Byrne. But he was not entirely convinced the ideas Powell was presenting were insane.

Read the full article. Bryne resigned from Overstock in August 2019 after his wild conspiracy claims tanked the company’s stock. As you may recall, Byrne had a romance with now-deported Russian spy Maria Butina, which he now says was a deep state setup.