Release Denied For Trans Oath Keepers Organizer

Law & Crime reports:

Oath Keepers recruiter Jessica Watkins, one of nine members of the militia group to date indicted for allegedly destroying government property and conspiring with other extremists on the day of the Capitol siege, cannot await trial outside of jail, a federal judge ruled on Friday.

Watkins said she “disbanded” her small personal militia despite being a co-founder with someone named “Montana.” She also said she was “cancelling” her “Oath Keepers membership.”

“I did it out of love for my country, but I think it’s time to let all that go,” she continued. “We’re done with that lifestyle.” Watkins said she wanted to focus her time on her floundering small business and that she would stop using social media to vent her political views.

Read the full article. Watkins, who today claimed she was “humiliated” by her arrest, had sought release, in part, on the basis of her transgender status, saying that she had been “treated harshly” in jail in the past.