Proud Boys Leader: We’re Here To Stay, Get Used To It

Right Wing Watch reports:

“You will never be able to ‘splinter’ the bonds that have been created by men that have shared their joy, their sweat, their blood and their tears,” Tarrio wrote on his Telegram channel. “Journalists can write about it…our enemies can wish for it…but I won’t make it a reality. We have been through many storms throughout our history and have ALWAYS come back stronger than before.”

“We are not fucking leaving. Proud Boys are here forever,” Tarrio continued. “I suggest you start figuring that out. We’re your plumbers…your mailmen…your police officers…your neighbors…your carpenters…we serve your food…we trim your trees…we are even your elected officials. We are western chauvinist and we will never fucking apologize for shit. We’re here to stay.”

Read the full article. Tarrio is responding after multiple Proud Boys chapters denounced him due to the revelation that he once worked as an FBI informant, something he claims not to “remember.” Earlier this month Canada formally designated the Proud Boys as a terrorist organization.