Proud Boys In New Battle Over Their Trademark

The Daily Beast reports:

On Monday, former Proud Boys lawyer Jason Lee Van Dyke, who holds the “Proud Boys” trademark, released a letter revoking Proud Boys chairman Enrique Tarrio’s right to use the name. Van Dyke’s reasons for revoking the trademark rights included what he sees as the Proud Boys’ association with Nazi groups, as well as Proud Boys burning a church’s Black Lives Matter banner in a December march in Washington, D.C.

Van Dyke’s complaints that the Proud Boys are too close to white supremacist groups is especially bizarre, given his own history. As recently as 2019, Van Dyke was reportedly caught on tape attempting to join The Base, a neo-Nazi terrorist group, before being rejected by its members as a “huge liability.” In the membership interview, a person identified by Vice News as Van Dyke can be heard praising neo-Nazi writers.

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