Pro-Riot Virginia Republican Sues Over Censure Vote

The Associated Press reports:

In a bipartisan vote last week, the Virginia Senate approved a measure rebuking Sen. Amanda Chase over a series of incendiary incidents during her tenure, including remarks in which she seemed to voice support for those who participated in storming the U.S. Capitol last month.

The decision to pass the censure resolution followed a long debate that featured scathing criticisms of Chase from both Democrats and Republicans.

In the lawsuit, Chase argues that she is being “singled out and selectively penalized for taking unpopular political positions.” Chase alleges that she has suffered “public embarrassment, humiliation, mental anguish and loss of seniority” because of the censure and has been “negatively impacted” in her candidacy for higher office.

Read the full article. Chase first appeared on JMG in late December when she called on Trump to invoke martial law. She is running for governor.