NY Vax Portal For Immunocompromised Opens Sunday

Gothamist reports:

New Yorkers with pre-existing health conditions can begin making appointments for COVID-19 vaccines at state-run sites starting this Sunday, February 14th. Governor Andrew Cuomo listed the details at Monday’s coronavirus press briefing.

Cuomo said anyone who qualifies must bring a doctor’s letter or proof of their medical condition. They can also sign an affidavit in order to receive the vaccine.

“This is a precious resource. There will be fraud. There will be mistakes. There will be inefficiency,” Cuomo said. “We understand that. But we will also audit to make sure the rules are followed.”

The New York Daily News reports:

The change means millions more will be jockeying for a shot, the governor admitted. “Ten million New Yorkers are chasing 300,000 vaccines every week,” the governor said during a remote briefing at the State Capitol.

“That’s what’s happening, so yes, expect the portals to open, expect the appointments to be booked very quickly, and this will be an ongoing tension until the supply is greatly increased and dramatically increased.”