New Video Shows Pence Narrowly Escaping Rioters

USA Today reports:

The managers played video – some of it security footage that hadn’t been released before – of rioters brawling with police outside the Capitol, smashing windows to climb inside and rampaging through the halls with bats and poles looking for Vice President Mike Pence and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. Rioters erected a gallows outside the Capitol and chanted “Hang Mike Pence” and “Bring out Pence.”

One video showed Pence as he was spirited out of the Senate chamber on Jan. 6. Pence was seen turning his head around as he was taken out of the chamber at the same time rioters smashed their way into the Capitol. “The mob was looking for Vice President Pence because of his patriotism, because the vice president refused to do what the president demanded and overturn the election results,” Plaskett said.

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