Man Charged With Spraying Chemical At Capitol Cops

CNN reports:

Federal prosecutors say Daniel Caldwell, 49, used a chemical spray against a line of officers that were blocking rioters from entering the Capitol. It happened amid a massive melee with police, who used batons and pepper spray to fend off the crowd, according to footage of the incident that was cited in court filings.

Hours after the riot, Caldwell spoke about the incident in a video that was posted to the far-right social media site Parler, according to prosecutors.

“They sprayed us with pepper spray. Kept spraying. I was like, ‘Dude, do it again and we spray you back.’ And he did. And I sprayed back, got like 15 of them,” Caldwell said in the video.

Read the full article. CNN stipulates that the feds have not said whether the arrest is related to Capitol officer who died.