MAGA World Turns On McCarthy Over Liz Cheney

MSNBC reports:

After complaining that Liz Cheney is “going to keep talking that smack” about the former president, Peter Navarro added, in apparent reference to Kevin McCarthy, “Let’s never forget that guy, when he had her in his sights, he blinked. He’s responsible. He’s got to go. Kevin McCarthy has to go. He no longer has the confidence of the MAGA portion of the Republican Party. He should not be welcome at Mar-a-Lago.”

To be sure, Navarro is not in a position to call the shots in GOP politics in 2021, and there’s no reason to assume the House minority leader is in trouble based solely on these comments. But Navarro was, and remains, an unflinching Trump loyalist in all matters, and it’s hardly a stretch to think his criticisms of McCarthy reflect the former president’s frustrations.

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