LIVE VIDEO: Pelosi Speaks Ahead Of Equality Act Vote

The Independent reports:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi grew visibly upset at her weekly press conference on Thursday discussing Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene’s latest publicity stunt to rile up liberals over rights for trans people.

Ms Pelosi’s chamber is poised to pass legislation known as the Equality Act on Thursday that would explicitly protect LGBTQ people in the US from discrimination from businesses, employers, and the government.

“And in fact, we had —” she said, pausing, audibly sighing, and looking down at the podium before continuing, “— a sad event here even this morning demonstrating the need for us to have respect. Not even just respect, but take pride. Take pride in our LGBTQ community.”

The press event is scheduled for 2:15PM. House debate on the Equality Act is expected to last 90 minutes and should start any minute.