UPDATE: Buttigieg Confirmed With 13 GOP No Votes

ABC News reports:

The Senate is poised to approve Pete Buttigieg to be transportation secretary, the first openly gay person ever confirmed to a Cabinet post, tasked with advancing President Joe Biden’s wide-ranging agenda of rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure and fighting climate change.

Buttigieg’s nomination was set for a final vote Tuesday in the full Senate, after the 39-year-old former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, and Biden’s one-time rival in the Democratic presidential primaries received bipartisan praise at his confirmation hearing last week.

UPDATE: The vote was 86-13 with one vote outstanding at this writing. Voting against in the order it was announced: Cotton, Cruz, Cassidy, Marshall, Scott (FL), Tuberville, Shelby, Hawley, Blackburn, Rubio, Scott (SC), Haggerty, Lankford.