Kinzinger: The GOP Needs An “Intervention” On Trump

The Washington Post reports:

It wasn’t just the Jan. 6 Capitol riot that led Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R.-Ill.) to start a political action committee aimed at challenging Donald Trump’s hold on the Republican Party. It’s the way most GOP elected officials seem to have moved on.

“We’ve got to reject the dark conspiracy theories and lies, reject the division, moving to try to [enlist] Proud Boys, white supremacy groups,” said the Illinois congressman. “The key is almost an intervention of sorts — to say look at where we are right now, but look at our rich history.”

The “intervention” is an arresting image — loved ones gathered around, trying to convince someone with chronically self-destructive behavior to change their ways. Polls show Kinzinger, a conservative who swept into office on the tea party wave of 2010, will find it a hard sell.

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