Jailed Oath Keeper Wanted To Sue Critics Of Her Militia

The Daily Beast reports:

In the days after Jessica Watkins stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6 with her fellow Oath Keepers, prosecutors say, the Army veteran’s allegiance to the far-right paramilitary group only “calcified.”

The 38-year-old, who is accused of preparing and training for at least two months to “fight hand to hand” to take over the Capitol, was worried about the optics of the Oath Keepers after the insurrection—and talked about suing anyone “class-action style” who spoke out against the group.

“If he has anything negative to say about us OATHKEEPERS, I’ll let you know so we can sue harder. Class action style. Oathkeepers are the shit,” Watkins texted after a media report “portrayed her conduct and that of her fellow Oath Keepers…in a negative light,” according to a memo prosecutors filed Tuesday in support of her detention.

Read the full article. Watkins is seeking pre-trial release on the grounds that transgender inmates are treated unfairly. Her lawyer says she’s been “treated harshly” in jail in the past.