Texas “Private Plane” Rioter Now “Regrets Everything”

The Washington Post reports:

She fully believed Trump’s false claims that the election was stolen and that he was going to save the country, she said in an interview with The Post. But now — facing federal charges and abandoned by people she considered “fellow patriots” — she said she feels betrayed.

“I bought into a lie, and the lie is the lie, and it’s embarrassing,” she said. “I regret everything.”

“Not one patriot is standing up for me,” Ryan said.. “I’m a complete villain. I was down there based on what my president said. ‘Stop the steal.’ Now I see that it was all over nothing. He was just having us down there for an ego boost. I was there for him.”

Read the full article. As you may recall, weeks ago Ryan was defiantly demanding a pardon from Trump and posting attacks on her critics on Twitter. She’s now claiming she was radicalized by reading Gateway Pundit and Epoch Times.