Hotel Staff Dish The Dirt On Serving The MAGA Elite

The Washingtonian reports:

As soon as Trump was seated, the server had to “discreetly present” a mini bottle of Purell hand sanitizer. (This applied long before Covid, mind you.) Next, cue dialogue: “Good (time of day) Mr. President. Would you like your Diet Coke with or without ice?” the server was instructed to recite. A polished tray with chilled bottles and highball glasses was already prepared for either response. Directions for pouring the soda were detailed in a process no fewer than seven steps long—and illustrated with four photo exhibits. The beverage had to be opened in front of the germophobe commander in chief, “never beforehand.”

Read the full article. The piece goes on to dish about waiting on the Trump spawn, Melania, Giuliani, Hope “Don’t You Know Who I Am?” Hicks, Mike Lindell, Matt Gaetz, and many others. There’s also dirt about angling for prominent tables and orders on where to seat the “pretty people.”