Hawley Sent Lie-Filled Money Beg During Riot Hearing

David Corn reports at Mother Jones:

On Tuesday morning—shortly before he appeared at a congressional hearing and thanked Capitol Police officers for facing the “violent criminals” of January 6—Hawley sent out a fundraising email that featured a lovely photo of him, his wife, and their three young children.

He told the recipients that “Biden and his woke mob are coming after me” because he dared to raise an objection to the electoral count.

This is how Hawley described his own actions: “I objected to the certification of the electoral college votes in Pennsylvania, despite pressure from both Democrats and Republicans. Pennsylvania wasn’t following their own state’s election law, but the establishment didn’t want to hear it.”

Read the full article. There, you’ll see that Hawley is lying about every aspect of his objection to the electoral count.