Hawley Lies About Biden In Trump Trial Money Beg

Today’s money beg from GOP Sen. Josh Hawley:

Even chasing President Trump out of office isn’t enough for them They have to impeach him AGAIN. They are going after Trump, and they are still coming after me — both of us for the same sin: instead of protecting the elites, I stood up for the people and now I am being threatened every day by Democrats calling for me to be expelled from the Senate, and Joe Biden has echoed that I should be ‘flat beaten.’

I stood up and objected, and now I am paying the price. Antifa has targeted my home, my name has been dragged through the mud, and the D.C. Bar Association is entertaining calls for me to be disbarred from the practice of law. My crime: refusing to do as I am told and allow the 2020 election to be certified with no question. They are FURIOUS with me for standing up, but I won’t back down and I hope you won’t either.

Perhaps obviously, Biden was referring to defeating Hawley at the ballot box rather than seeking to eject him from the Senate. Hawley is implying a physical threat.