Hate Group: The LGBTQ Equality Act “Criminalizes The Beliefs Held By Faith Groups Since The Dawn Of Time”

Via press release from Alliance Defending Freedom:

Our nation’s laws should respect the constitutionally guaranteed freedoms of every American citizen. All of us — regardless of sex or any other classification — deserve better than the profound inequality that the conscience-crushing, deceptively titled ‘Equality Act’ reintroduced by Congress today promises.

This proposed legislation punishes and marginalizes people who hold decent and honorable beliefs about marriage or dare to believe the scientific evidence regarding the physical differences between men and women.

Many in our nation respectfully disagree on important matters such as marriage and human sexuality. Unfortunately, the Equality Act criminalizes these fundamental beliefs held by major faith groups since the dawn of time and, instead, demands absolute uniformity of thought.

The freedom to live peaceably according to our beliefs is a fundamental right, resting in our human dignity and codified by the First Amendment. The Equality Act dares to treat reasonable people as hostile to the state and unfit to participate in the marketplace. Our nation can and must do better.

Speaking of guaranteed freedoms, the ADF has advocated for criminalizing homosexuality in the United States and provides free legal support to foreign anti-LGBT groups seeking to retain such laws in their own countries. The piece above was authored by ADF senior attorney Kristen Waggoner [photo] and is similar to their 2019 statement on the previous incarnation of the Equality Act.