Hannity’s Producer Calls Him Neurotic For Wanting Vax

Media Matters has the radio show transcript:

HANNITY: When my number’s called, I’m going to get it.

MCLAUGHLIN: Yeah, I know. You’re neurotic. You think that you have to get it. You think that it’s going to help something. They won’t know what’s in this thing.

HANNITY: I believe in the science, I do.

MCLAUGHLIN: Oh, you believe in the science?

HANNITY: Alright, let’s not go down this road —

MCLAUGHLIN: Oh, like Joe Biden, like Kamala Harris, you believe in the science? The science is changing every day depending on the politics. And then we’ve got a vaccine that was rolled out, there’s four different versions of it, they have no idea what it treats. No, thank you. There’s all kinds of mRNA problems in it.

On January 26th, Hannity said he was “having doubts” about getting the vaccine.