Haley: The Anti-Trump Media Wants A GOP Civil War

From Nikki Haley’s op-ed in the Wall Street Journal:

Where does the Republican Party go from here? The party that abolished slavery, won the right to vote for women, and beat Soviet communism must continue to be strong and principled to move America forward. But the liberal media doesn’t care about that. It wants to stoke a nonstop Republican civil war. The media playbook starts with the demand that everyone pick sides about Donald Trump—either love or hate everything about him.

We separate into two camps that always hate each other. We become estranged from family and friends over politics. Is that really what the anti-Trump media wants? Maybe. Hatred and polarization draw attention, ratings and clicks. But what’s good for them is bad for America. Some Never Trump and Always Trump Republicans also attack anyone who doesn’t join the all-or-nothing chorus.

Read the full op-ed. Perhaps obviously, Haley is flailing to save her career after a Politico profile in which she eviscerated Trump for inciting the Capitol riot. The cultists immediately began calling for her head.