Giuliani Flips Out After Radio Station Opens His Show With Disclaimer Meant To Ward Off Lawsuits [AUDIO]

Media Matters has the transcript:

ANNOUNCER: The views, assumptions, and opinions expressed by former U.S. attorney, former attorney to the president of the United States, and New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, his guests, and callers on his program are strictly their own and do not necessarily represent the opinions, beliefs, or policies of WABC radio, its owner, Red Apple Group, and other WABC hosts or our advertisers.

RUDY GIULIANI (HOST): I would have thought they would have told me about that before just doing what they just did. Rather insulting. And gives you a sense of how far this free speech thing has gone and how they frighten everybody. I mean we’re in America, we’re not in East Germany. They’ve got to warn you about me? I’m going to have to give that a lot of consideration. I also think putting it on without telling me, not the right thing to do, not the right thing to do at all. But got to tell you another thing, my dedication to free speech outweighs a lot of other things I can do. Let’s go to Art, Westchester.

ART: Do you ever feel somewhat guilty about spreading a lot of unproven conspiracy theories to folks who may not have the ability or the critical thinking skills to kind of look through it? Do you feel that maybe you’re taking advantage of the gullible?

Go Art!