Far-Right Gab CEO Embraces 2004 “Jesusland” Map

Earlier this month the CEO of the far-right social media platform Gab declared that he will no longer respond to interview requests from the “pagan” media and will only speak to Christian outlets. Last night he publicly took his brand of Christian nationalism to the next step:

After Gab CEO Andrew Torba posted his ideal view of the nation with the map of Jesusland, he created a wave on social media. In no time, Jesusland went trending as social media users supported, mocked, laughed and even confusedly asked “what is Jesusland?”.

The map of Jesusland divides the United States and Canada into ‘The United States of Canada’ and ‘Jesusland’ implying a political divide between the northern and southern regions of North America. Twitter user PatriotTakes took to the social networking site to share the image posted by Torba.

As you may recall, the Jesusland map became a meme among liberals shortly after the 2004 election of George W. Bush. Torba, apparently, thinks he’s owning the libs by embracing it. #Jesusland is #2 on Twitter this morning.